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Mathias De Ferm


Mathias De Ferm (1985) is a product and furniture designer from Antwerp, Belgium. Collaborating with renowned international brands, his work includes furnitureproductslighting and micro-architecture. His work is characterized by a strong belief in the social relevance of design. A dining table, for instance, is not limited to its practical qualities. It forms the social centerpiece of a home: a place where people gather to eat, drink and talk with each other. This idea led to a serene yet warmhearted aesthetic and the frequent use of durable materials.
By creating extensive product and furniture series, Mathias developed a holistic design approach. Each collection has a well thought out function that results in a singular design personality.
Mathias studied product development at AP Antwerpen and furniture design at Thomas More Mechelen. Eager to learn more about materials and techniques, he earned additional degrees in metalwork and carpentry.
In 2010, he started working as an independent designer for a variety of clients: furniture collections, innovative barbecues, custom-made outdoor buildings, cook- and tableware… Several of these projects were awarded at leading design competitions. In addition, Mathias designed a number of residential and commercial interiors.

Jeffrey Huyghe


Jeffrey Huyghe graduated as an industrial product designer at Howest, Kortrijk. With a heart for engineering, Jeffrey likes to experiment with geometrical shapes and dynamic interactions. This translates in an interesting tension where minimalism and materialisation meet state-of-the-art engineering.
Examples are multi-awarded architectural lighting designs like Semih (2016) and Marbul (2018) where complex hidden rotational systems are disguised as pure designs. Recently he started his own studio where beyond lighting, he can push further the boundaries of the interaction between materials and mechanics.

Caroline Voet


Caroline Voet is an Antwerp (Belgium) based architect who crosses the borders between architecture, design, scenography and graphic expression with her artistic work.  She works on a range of projects for museums and clients as the Flemish Architecture Institute VAi and the Arts Centre deSingel in Antwerp (B).  Next to these public interiors she designs characteristic furniture, inspired by the poetry of movement and the essence of daily use.  She mostly works with wood and metal details.  Recently several of these tactile and sensual objects started having a life outside their original habitat, being appreciated for their timeless and pure style.

frederik delbart

Frederik Delbart


Frederik Delbart (born 1988) is a designer based in Brussels (Belgium). His design studio was launched in 2011 and is active in different domains such as product design, strategic design management and consultancy. Inspired by structures and textures, Frederik aims to design honest and simple objects. Respect for nature is always present in the choice of materials, the assembly methods and a strict selection of suitable production plants. Passionate by raw and pure materials such as wood, glass, metal, porcelain and paper, Frederik tries to find new limits for each by using those materials in a mix of respect for tradition and sense of innovation. The range of objects is unlimited as it goes from lights, furniture, accessories to tableware and complete lighting installations. Frederik is passionate about light and has an extended experience in both the architectural vision as the technical side of lighting. He's currently teaching design at the renowned La Cambre University in Brussels.

Lucie Koldova designer

Lucie Koldova


Lucie Koldova is a designer born in Czech Republic. After finishing her studies in Prague she moved to Paris in 2009 where she started to work for international clients. Lucie designs furniture pieces, glass sculptures and timeless lights, objects of desire, pure and charismatic. Her work stretches from daily products, over conceptual space, urban area to poetic gallery objects and limited series. She likes pushing proportions to the limits and combines glass with noble materials hand in hand with simplicity and elegance. She appreciates and celebrates traditional glass craftsmanship and pays great attention to details. Her work has been exposed all over the world and Lucie has been awarded as Czech Designer of the year and Elle Decoration Talent.

Designer Dan Yeffet

Dan Yeffet


Dan Yeffet is a designer born in Israel. He studied at Bezalel Academy and graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld in Amsterdam in 2002. Dan created the JellyLab design office and platform in Amsterdam and in 2005 he moved the studio to Paris until this present day. The works of Dan can be found in various collections around the world such as the New Design Museum in Chicago, the Museum of Art's Visual Delight in Philadelphia, the Modam Museum in Luxembourg and the FNAC Foundation in Paris. When asked to define his work, Dan answers: “definitions are our limits; I would like to consider myself as an explorer and adventurer."

Patrick Seha designer

Patrick Séha


Patrick Séha, graduated in interior architecture and environmental design at La Cambre ENSAV, is a Belgian designer whose business is based in Brussels. He has a particular interest in noble and solid materials, with which he works in a contemporary and graphical way. Just like his coat rack Piano, Patrick wants all his projects to be also especially playful and practical. Meanwhile, this young creative designer is also active in a carpentry atelier in Brussels.