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Jan Goderis



Born in 1966, Jan graduated with honours at the Sint Lucas School of Arts in Gent. He set up his own design studio in 1991. Jan always strives towards the creation of warm and simple designs and he likes working with sustainable materials. 

David Braeckman Ministry of Mass

Ministry of Mass – David Braeckman


David is a Belgian maker based in Ghent. He graduated at the Product Design Academy in Antwerp in 2010 and founded Ministry of Mass in 2012.  David makes objects and materializes concepts. His goal is to study Modern Life in it's entirety and make valid suggestions for how to organize material, energy and people. 

Pieter Desmijter



Skeppa is the old Germanic word for "to create" and this is  exactly what Pieter does. Studio Skeppa is a hobby gone mad, born from the desire to create and from the urge to work with raw materials. All of his creations are unique and reflect the love for the craftsmanship and the materials. 

Filip Janssens



Born January 29th 1964. Self taught furniture and interior designer. As a self taught designer, Filip Janssens first started designing ‘made to measure’- furniture for his own home.
In 2007 he opened his own design studio in order to develop his personal approach to product and furniture design and art projects.

Charly Cnops

Studio SPONC - Charly Cnops


Charly Cnops finished his education as product developer in Antwerpen in 2011. Already during his education he was noticed for his eye for detail and his unique way of blending functionality with esthetics.
After graduating, he became a lighting engineer and has built an expertise in this field. All of Charly's projects reflect a sense of both sense and sensibility.
His presence in the design field won't be unnoticed.

Joana Marcelino


Joana Marcelino is a Portuguese architect, with great passion for art and that feeling is reflected in everything she does in life. She believes that projects should be developed according to the person and the place, combining always architecture, fashion, design and art. Joana´s designs have a very strong identity and she always works in very close cooperation with diverse craftsmen striving together for the best solution.

Caroline Voet


Caroline Voet is an Antwerp (Belgium) based architect who crosses the borders between architecture, design, scenography and graphic expression with her artistic work.  She works on a range of projects for museums and clients as the Flemish Architecture Institute VAi and the Arts Centre deSingel in Antwerp (B).  Next to these public interiors she designs characteristic furniture, inspired by the poetry of movement and the essence of daily use.  She mostly works with wood and metal details.  Recently several of these tactile and sensual objects started having a life outside their original habitat, being appreciated for their timeless and pure style.

Studio Segers


Studio Segers is a creative family corporation based in Maaseik (Belgium) founded in 1989 by Rita Westhovens (graphic designer) and Wim Segers (product designer).  In 2009 their son Bob Segers (product designer) and Marjan Brants (graphic designer) joined the design team.  These two generations form a powerful symbiosis of experience and young creative talent.  Studio Segers symbolizes a no-nonsense approach where only sensible and down-to-earth concepts find their realization.  By ordening product demands and intuitevly processing specfic problems they transform ideas into characteristic entities.

frederik delbart

Frederik Delbart


Frederik Delbart (born 1988) is a designer based in Brussels (Belgium). His design studio was launched in 2011 and is active in different domains such as product design, strategic design management and consultancy. Inspired by structures and textures, Frederik aims to design honest and simple objects. Respect for nature is always present in the choice of materials, the assembly methods and a strict selection of suitable production plants. Passionate by raw and pure materials such as wood, glass, metal, porcelain and paper, Frederik tries to find new limits for each by using those materials in a mix of respect for tradition and sense of innovation. The range of objects is unlimited as it goes from lights, furniture, accessories to tableware and complete lighting installations. Frederik is passionate about light and has an extended experience in both the architectural vision as the technical side of lighting. He's currently teaching design at the renowned La Cambre University in Brussels.

NOTE Design Studio


NOTE is an internationally acclaimed design studio based in Stockholm and founded in 2008.  Some of the current designers are Alexis Holmqvist, Johannes Carlström, Susanna Wahlin, Kristoffer Fagerström and Cristiano Pigazzini.  By looking at what is unique in every project and emphasizing that, NOTE transforms non-material values into tactile objects and spaces.

Lucie Koldova designer

Lucie Koldova


Lucie Koldova is a designer born in Czech Republic. After finishing her studies in Prague she moved to Paris in 2009 where she started to work for international clients. Lucie designs furniture pieces, glass sculptures and timeless lights, objects of desire, pure and charismatic. Her work stretches from daily products, over conceptual space, urban area to poetic gallery objects and limited series. She likes pushing proportions to the limits and combines glass with noble materials hand in hand with simplicity and elegance. She appreciates and celebrates traditional glass craftsmanship and pays great attention to details. Her work has been exposed all over the world and Lucie has been awarded as Czech Designer of the year and Elle Decoration Talent.

Designer Dan Yeffet

Dan Yeffet


Dan Yeffet is a designer born in Israel. He studied at Bezalel Academy and graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld in Amsterdam in 2002. Dan created the JellyLab design office and platform in Amsterdam and in 2005 he moved the studio to Paris until this present day. The works of Dan can be found in various collections around the world such as the New Design Museum in Chicago, the Museum of Art's Visual Delight in Philadelphia, the Modam Museum in Luxembourg and the FNAC Foundation in Paris. When asked to define his work, Dan answers: “definitions are our limits; I would like to consider myself as an explorer and adventurer."

Patrick Seha designer

Patrick Séha


Patrick Séha, graduated in interior architecture and environmental design at La Cambre ENSAV, is a Belgian designer whose business is based in Brussels. He has a particular interest in noble and solid materials, with which he works in a contemporary and graphical way. Just like his coat rack Piano, Patrick wants all his projects to be also especially playful and practical. Meanwhile, this young creative designer is also active in a carpentry atelier in Brussels.

Frédéric Richard


Frédéric lives and works in Liège (Belgium).  After his studies of visual arts and cabinet making, he developed a sober and elegant style with minmalistic imprint.  A true craftsman in direct contact with his material, he is always pushing the limits with his knowledge of the old artisan's skills based on the 18th-century Liège's furniture an ornamental styes, far from any extravagance, but reaching for a surprising poetry, elegant simplicity and timeless touch.

LMCM Lieven Musschoot & Cas Moor


LMCM are the initials of Lieven Musschoot and Cas Moor.  Lieven Musschoot (Belgium) is an interior architect and has been awarded several times for his interior designs of restaurants and shops.  Cas Moor (Belgium) is a furniture and product designer focused on the experimenation and evolving narrative in his creations.

Designer jose cabrita

José Cabrita


José Cabrita first studied electric engineering in Grenoble (France). Being more attracted by how objects were made, he changed his path and went studying product design at the ISD in France. Thereafter, he worked for various design studios, located anywhere from France to India and Hong Kong, China. He then decided to set up his own studio in the pursuit of developing his own design approach and concepts. His design works are wide and varied, ranging from electronics, to furniture, tableware and industrial design. Extremely interested by materials, industrial process and technology, José continuously experiments and develops his ideas, to achieve a product that is both practical and innovative but with precision and simplicity.